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About Us

Thank you for choosing Daynes EyeCare

It is our desire that you are completely satisfied with your experience in purchasing your new eyewear from Daynes EyeCare.

From our Value Frame and lens packages, Sunglass Outlet, exclusive designer brands and wide variety of frames, we offer the best selection in Cochise County for the whole family.

We have skilled opticians and technicians to assist in the selection of frames, lenses and lens options. Our experience will ensure your new glasses are not only precisely made, but look and feel great too.

About Our Doctor

Dr. Lincoln J. Daynes graduated with awards and honors from Pacific University College of Optometry in 1983. He is certified for the treatment of eye disease, which refers to the training and ability to prescribe ophthalmic medications, remove foreign objects from the eyes and the treatment of glaucoma. He has over 30 years in the optical profession, including 10 years as an optometrist in Tucson.

Dr. Daynes maintains up to date knowledge with the most advanced technology in lens designs and options available. This allows Dr. Daynes to discuss and prescribe the best choices for each individual patient's needs. In addition,

Dr. Daynes maintains expertise in fitting all types of contact lenses.

Dr. Daynes is an active member of Lions International, American Optometric Association and the Arizona Optometric Association. A devoted husband and father, Dr. Daynes, his wife Laurie and son Logan are proud and active members in our community.

Care of your eyewear

Clean your lenses with warm water and a mild pH balanced soap daily, paying attention to nose pads and temples in addition to lenses. Spray cleaners and cleaning cloths designed for eyewear can also be used as needed. A soft, clean lens cloth can also be used dry to remove smudges and fingerprints from lenses throughout the day. Our labs provide a complimentary cleaning cloth with all anti-glare lenses. Additional cloths and cleaners may be purchased at Daynes EyeCare. In addition, we offer free refills on any lenses cleaning spray purchased from Daynes EyeCare. We recommend hand-washing and air drying your lens cloth frequently to assure maximum performance. Do not use fabric softeners.

Avoid getting chemicals on the surface of lenses such as hair spray, cologne, household glass cleaner, ammonia, bleach etc.

Avoid the use of regular paper product on your lenses.

Keep your glasses in the provided case when not in use.

Do not lay your lenses face down.

Do not expose to extreme temperatures (ie. leaving glasses on the dashboard of a card.)

Do not use super glue on any part of the lens or frame.

We recommend returning to our office every 4-6 months so that we may "fine-tune" your adjustment and confirm all screws/rimless strings are secure.

The WOW Frame & Lens Warranty

We gladly unconditionally warranty our frames and lenses (yes even when the dog chews on them or Aunt Martha accidentally sits on them).

Our total warranty completely covers breakage of any kind for any reason for a total of 12 months. We will repair or replace the frames or lenses with a co-payment of $25.

Complementary services

  1. Adjustments
  2. Nose pad replacements
  3. Replacement/tightening of screws
  4. Restring rimless frames
  5. Clean lenses/frames
  6. Evaluate glasses stability
    1. Thank you

      On behalf of Dr. Daynes and the entire staff at Daynes EyeCare we would like to thank you.

      We realize that there are many choices for patients to make regarding their eye care and eyewear needs, and we are grateful you have chosen Daynes EyeCare with over 30 years of experience. Our staff is well prepared to take care of all your eye care needs.

      *Note- Warranty may vary according to insurance lab warranty on lenses or vision care plans. Your warranty does not cover loss or theft. In the event you need to utilize your warranty, you must return your old lenses and/ or frames and all parts.


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